Serial” is a podcast about a teenager named Adnan Syed who was convicted of first degree murder at the age of 17. Adnan Syed who was known as the golden child of his community was arrested on February 28, 1999 for the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. I listened to the first episode which talked about evidences and stories that lead up to his conviction. A variety of different stories were said from different people and most of them made Adnan seem innocent. All except for one story, his friend Jay was interrogated by the police and he provided a story that could not be proven wrong by any of the other stories. The funny thing about all of this was that there was no hard evidence to prove Adnan committed the murder.

I found the podcast really interesting and felt that a podcast was the best way to communicate Adnan’s story. I felt engaged in the story the entire time and felt as if I was having a conversation with the narrator, Sarah Koenig. The podcast hooked me into its story through its tone that the narrator provided and I didn’t want to stop listening and it made me want to check out more episodes. I found that the podcast really put the listener in the narrators perspective at times and made the listener feel engaged with the narrator. A podcast was definitely the right choice for Adnan’s story.

I feel that it is more efficient to listen to a text rather than read a text and think that people, especially today, will understand and remember what they hear rather than what they read. Adam from Bookstr states “How can we justify spending months reading the epic series Game of Thrones when we could just binge watch it over the weekend like everybody else?” (Spera) which shows the efficiency of listening. Benefits to reading include increasing vocabulary and having physical copies of information. A drawback to reading however, is that it consumes a lot of time. On the other hand a benefit to listening is that information can be obtained in a shorter period of time and a drawback to listening is that you don’t have a physical piece of the information. Even The Dinner Table says “Getting your content—whether it be news, entertainment, or learning something—over audio makes so much sense.” (The Dinner Table). Since the podcasts release the story of Adnan Syed has become very popular. I respect how hard Sarah Koenig has worked to prove Adnan’s innocence and help out Adnan’s family and I believe that she can prove him innocent. Adnan’s Family is probably very happy that Sarah is helping towards the freedom of their son after all these years.

The podcast is opened with Sarah Koenig talking about how well teenagers can remember days from before. She starts by asking “How did you get to work last Wednesday.” (Koenig) and continues to ask similar questions to give the listener a perspective. She then plays audio of her asking teenagers if they remember what they did 6 weeks ago in which they all can’t give a clear answer. Personally I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast yesterday. This makes the listener concerned about Adnan’s case for the rest of the podcast. Adnan as well as other people that were asked could hardly remember what they did the day of the murder. All except for Jay who remembers that day perfectly. This raises the concern that Jay could be lying or maybe hiding something.

“Serial” was an amazing podcast and it has interested me into the rest of the podcast as well as other podcasts. Personally I feel that Adnan is innocent and I hope that Sarah and whoever else involved in the case gets enough proof to prove it.

Sources: “Thoughts on Serial?” Wait But Why, The Dinner Table, Spera, Adam. “Is Reading Better Than Listening?” Bookstr, Adam Spera, 20 Nov. 2018, Koenig, Sarah. “Episode 01: The Alibi.” Serial, Sarah Koenig,

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